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Dedicated Fund Structures

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Our Offer

For 20 years, we have been helping clients with the increasingly complex corporate and investment regulatory environment. Today, we provide a wide range of Investment Management services ranging from Plain Vanilla Portfolios, Algo-Trading, FX & Derivatives, Private Equity to Digital Assets Portfolios. Such services are complying with numerous international regulatory requirements including ongoing reporting to the relevant authorities in key jurisdictions. As a regulated AIFM, Altarius Asset Management Limited offers its clients the EU-Passport facility brought by the AIFM Directive.


Our offer is not only suitable for demanding clients with considerable assets under management, such as family offices, banks and other institutionals, but also asset managers looking for a European regulated fund structure. 

Altarius have designed our services around the needs of investment and corporate entities. We deliver sophisticated solutions into their ecosystem but also simultaneously deal with administrative and regulatory requirements.

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Fund Structuring


Altarius has extensive experience and a proven track record of structuring recognised and top-notch funds. 


Altarius offers its clients the facility to set-up a dedicated structure or to be part of our in-house AIF platform.  Altarius will support you in determining the most appropriate jurisdiction and legal structure for your setup. 

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) can be set up either under a platform dedicated to the client and created by Altarius (ie: a SICAV) or using Altarius' existing platform, named Paragon. Altarius can set up notified AIFs or self-managed fund structures. We can also set up Managed Accounts for our clients. In this case, Altarius will be appointed as the regulated Investment Manager.

In order to comply with the Regulatory Requirements under the AIFMD, our Clients appoint Altarius as their Management Company (“ManCo”) in order to fulfil Investment Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Secretarial & Support services.

As your business partner, we focus on meeting the unfolding regulatory compliance and substance requirements allowing you to concentrate on maximizing returns for investors. Funds monitored by Altarius can benefit (under certain conditions) from the support of our marketing team for distribution.

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