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Digital Asset Investments

Our first product in the digital asset sphere is a fund with tremendous returns but low volatility.

Easy access to digital assets

The digital space evolves at a rapid pace with numerous new investment opportunities.


Such investments require a solid and waterproofed setup, skilled and reputable partners, and access to state of the art technologies. Being part of an international network, Altarius provides access to such investments via offshore funds and fully regulated European funds.

Digital asset investment altarius

Innovative investment vehicle


Unlike other crypto investment funds that are exposing investors to crypto volatility and market risk, the fund will use DeFi strategies such as the stable coin USDC for yield farming, linear future premium arbitrage and funding rate arbitrage without any exposure to crypto volatility and market risks.

The objective of such strategies is to farm and compound USDC using centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges as well as money market and derivatives platforms.

When using DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols, the fund shall act as a liquidity provider getting paid in several digital assets native to DeFi that are forthwith sold for USDC and compounded in the most efficient manner. The fund shall balance the strategies, depending on the number of assets under management, to maximize the yield whilst mitigating the risks.

The fund shall apply a careful selection of protocols and platforms based on their history, audit trail, volume and reputation. In addition, the fund shall ensure the platforms and protocols for IT/hack risks with centralized and decentralized insurances.

In short, the fund is leveraging the DeFi ecosystem without forming a basket of digital assets that would expose the fund to market risks and high volatility.

Investors interested in participating in digital assets are invited to contact Pierre Maliczak, CEO of Altarius Group.

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