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Fund Distribution

We offer to existing and new partners access to privileged investments opportunities. We select and close deals with funds showcasing interesting returns while giving the possibility to be part of what makes the future of finance.

Elevat3 Capital Fund ONE

Join Christian Angermayer, Peter Thiel and other big institutionals in the most innovative investment deals on the market.


Elevat3 is a cutting-edge venture capital fund launched by Christian Angermayer, a serial entrepreneur and investor, and his family office Apeiron Investment Group (AIG). The German structure has been set up in partnership with Altarius with the strategy to generate remarkable earnings while supporting revolutionary technologies. More than $100M is already committed in the fund by Angermayer, undisclosed HNWI and Peter Thiel (co-founder Paypal, early investor Facebook).


The fund’s strategy is to focus on ventures located in the DACH market and in the verticals of Life Sciences, Fintech (including Insurtech, Proptech & Blockchain) and Deeptech such as the space industry. Following the successful closing of its first rounds, Christian Angermayer opens for the first time the investment strategy of its VC Elevat3 to external investors.


As a longtime partner of Apeiron Investment Group & AIFM/Distribution partner of Elevat3 Capital Fund ONE, Altarius opens the doors to an exclusive opportunity. Similar structures with Apeiron are created on a regular basisInvestors interested in participating in such investment are invited to contact Pierre Maliczak or Heinz Daxl.

GBI - Good Governance Fund

Have a foot into sustainable investment with a dedicated share class in a fund that brings remarkable results from investing in 100 of S&P500 companies with the best governance.

Governance is measured with a proprietary methodology, the Stewardship model, which has been developed by Professor Cossin of IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland over the last 10 years. The strength of the model is its ability to capture, through natural language processing, a better and broader measure of the governance and accountability components of listed companies. (excluding tobacco, defense and oil companies).

This full ESG-compliant approach with a main focus on the ‘G’ element was rated as top-quartile by Impact Cubed, an independent rating company. The results? The model has outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return by over 3% p.a. (net*)
on average.


Altarius offers privileged access to the GBI - Good Governance Fund (treating on the US market, the biggest equity
market in the world) through its dedicated share class. For more information and to access the AAM share class, please contact Pierre Maliczak.

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