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New Technologies Investments

New technologies are seducing more and more investors around the globe, whether it is through digital assets, early-stage investments or more broadly private equity. Altarius answers this trend with specialised services for those interested in exciting ROI opportunities.

Early Stage

Investment Chart

New tech companies offer great investment opportunities. Due to their number and sectors covered, selection skills, access to deals and track record remain the keys to success.

We, at Altarius, are very focused on providing the right structures. Supported by the most reputable law firms, we make sure all aspects are covered, including tax, reporting, independent valuation and structures allowing any qualified investors (including from the US) to gain access to such investments.

We are already active in the field by being the AIFM of Apeiron SICAV - Presight Capital Fund ONE, the venture arm of Apeiron Investment Group and launched by Christian Angermayer.

Crypto Fund

Following Malta’s blockchain-friendly regulation, Altarius can provide an investment platform dedicated to so-called crypto funds with renowned partners. 

The structure provides a regulated environment for investors interested in new asset classes linked to Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLTs), which encompasses tokens, coins and other cryptocurrencies but also private equity in blockchain operating companies.


Existing or new funds are to be aggregated under the dedicated SICAV which ensures a regulated monitoring with independent providers such as portfolio management, legal advice, bank account, administration and audit.

crypto trading

The structure brings the benefits of a traditional platform to funds trading digital assets. It is a holistic structure that manages all steps necessary for the structuring and day-to-day operation of a top-tier crypto fund. The monitoring and control function is provided by Altarius Asset Management, the Group’s regulated company based in Malta. 


Our mission is to bridge the traditional asset management universe with new asset classes while meeting the regulatory requirements in regard to risk management, valuation and overall quality assessment. 

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Ilenia Pepe

Fund Operations Officer

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MFSA licensed investment advisor with a strong background in sales and business development. Ilenia started working in an Italian banking group where for six years she held the role of financial advisor. She then came to Malta leading the Dealing Team with the role of coordinating the entire trading process. Graduated with a Master's degree in 2012 from LUISS Guido Carli in Rome.

Mateusz Esing - Photo.jpg
Mateusz Esing

Fund Operations Officer

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Mateusz joined Altarius as Fund Operations Officer mainly responsible for the monitoring of funds activities, oversight of the investments as well as the portfolio of funds and NAV reporting.
Mateusz worked previously in two renowned global financial institutions with a focus on asset management and fund administration. He was part of securitisation and funds services business mainly focusing on fund accounting and depositary side.
Mateusz holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Administration and Management from the University of Huddersfield.

Angelina Valentino

Accounting Officer

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Angelina Valentino joined Altarius Asset Management as Accounting Officer. She is responsible for processing sales invoices, updating payments and providing accounting and clerical support to the accounting section. Before Altarius Angelina was working in a Swiss company specializing in invoicing and payroll services.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Economy and Management Honours Degree from University of London LSE Program.

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Suman Sharma

Fund Operations Officer

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Suman joined Altarius as a Fund Operations Officer and holds 5 years of experience as Investor/Financial Reporting Analyst. She is specialised in financial planning and analysis, financial statements preparation and review, reconciliation and reporting. Suman previous worked at State Street and Ocwen Financial Solutions after graduating with a Master in Finance.

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