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Altarius as sponsor of Malta Blockchain Summit

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

On the 1st of November (same date on which the DLT regulations will come into force), Malta will host an event which will reunite 7'000 attendees: the Malta Blockchain Summit. The conference will assess different subjects related to the DLT technology, including crypto investments. As Altarius is developing services to facilitate investments in that sphere and in a regulated environment, we are happy to announce that we come as a sponsor to the event.

Institutional investors are still finding ways to get their lion's share of the crypto market. However several obstacles are stopping their involvement in that sphere, mainly due to compliance issues and lack of regulation while dealing with cryptoassets. This is what Malta's DLT Regulatory Framework answers in some way and what we are leveraging here at Altarius. As much as we are aware of institutions' needs in the traditional financial world, our goal is to provide a regulated platform for those interested to invest in these new asset classes.

For the occasion, several members of the team will be present in the objective of meeting institutionals, but also key actors in the asset management and crypto sphere.

If you want to know more about Malta's crypto-friendly jurisdiction, investment opportunities over there or meet one of us, simply send us a mail.


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