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On the 18th of February, the European Union has decided to include the Cayman Islands on its Blacklist of non-co-operative tax jurisdictions. The decision could have negative effects on Cayman structures having counterparties within the European Union.

As a result, many promoters have started re-domiciliating their SPV or fund to Europe through a simple process which can be done within a matter of days. The question is which European jurisdiction fits best. In order to find more about re-domiciliation services, please contact us.

Altarius AM is a ManCo having a full European AIFM licence and registered with the SEC as an investment adviser (exempt reporting adviser). We are qualified to manage assets in a jurisdiction outside of the USA for US Investors related to funds that we manage. In addition, we already onboarded several US clients looking to be active in Europe in terms of marketing and investment management.

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