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Hedgeweek: Routes to institutional growth in digital assets

Pierre Maliczak, CEO of Altarius Group, explains the trends and challenges from institutional investors to be more exposed to digital assets in an article from Hedgeweek.

In a nutshell, he underlines that "the institutional money allocated to this asset class represents about 10% of the market. To be recognised as a real asset class, the allocation needs to increase drastically."

"Now, more than ever, I think such investors will be considering investing into cryptocurrencies, explains Maliczak. The amount of debt issued recently by the central banks does raise serious questions about fiat currency valuation. China, with the announcement of the creation of its own digital currency, challenging the supremacy of the US dollar will add instability too.”

He also says there are still serious obstacles holding institutional allocation back: “What the investor needs is a clear international regulatory framework and proper bank custody services to safeguard the assets. It is moving but it will take time.”

The CEO of Altarius Group outlines another trend: “We’ve also seen recently clients investing heavily into young start-up companies they identify as being potential market disruptors in very specific spaces. The view is to get access to new technologies for their own business and leverage on investment opportunities with high diversified potential returns. The risk is higher, but looking at the current market conditions, it does make sense.”

If you want to read the full article, click here.


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