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Interesting Blockchain Events for Institutional Investors — 2019 (1st Semester)

Blockchain is clearly a hype, but from all the smoke around this phenomenon, one can find events which are worth going to. Dedicated to and targeting institutional investors (asset managers, venture capital, family offices…), here is a curated — but not exhaustive — list of events worth going to during the first semester of 2019.


Name: Crypto Finance Conference

Date: 16–18 January, 2019

Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland

Description: The Crypto Finance Conference is offering conference attendants educational keynotes by industry experts, insightful panel discussions about current and future trends as well as unique networking opportunities with other hand-picked participants in a remote and private setting. Additionally, investors get the opportunity to learn more about new crypto businesses.


Name: Blockchain Economic Forum

Date: 24–26 January, 2019

Location: Davos, Switzerland

Description: Taking place at the same time as the World Economic Forum, the BEF gathers 100+ high profile economists, regulators, government officials, investors and bankers for deep roundtable discussions and compelling personal stories for informal night receptions.


Name: Crypto Assets Conference

Date: 25–26 February, 2019

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Description: The Crypto Assets Conference 2019 brings technology experts, thought-leaders, industry innovators, crypto investors and blockchain entrepreneurs together to discuss the future of blockchain with subjects such as mass adoption, STOs and new regulations.


Name: European Blockchain Investment Congress and Exhibition

Date: 28 February — 2nd March, 2019

Location: Vienna

Description: The three-day, top-level event will encompass content from leading brands with inputs from renowned international speakers and panels that present cutting-edge Blockchain technologies. The event has been established to provide insights into of the challenges that key industries are about to meet, including the legal sector, retail, financial service, healthcare, insurance, energy, copyright, government and real estate.


Name: Crypto Challenge Forum

Date: 17–19 March, 2019

Location: Malta

Description: Non-collocated with any other events, the Forum is 100% dedicated to blockchain and its revolutionary impact on each sphere of human activities. Non-collocated with any other events, the Forum is 100% dedicated to blockchain and its revolutionary impact on each sphere of human activities.


Name: Cryptoassets Regulation & Compliance

Date: 27 March 2019

Location: London, UK

Description: Keep pace with policy and manage risk in the cryptoassets markets and engage with key stakeholders in the cryptoassets ecosystem to discuss regulation of crypto and blockchain, stay ahead of emerging policy in the cryptoassets industry, consider risk & compliance aspects of crypto regulation and how to leverage new technologies.


Name: Security Token Summit

Date: 5 April, 2019

Location: Los Angeles

Description: Security Token Summit is a high-end, Security Token & Digital Securities focused event. It features a robust agenda spanning a variety of themes such as custody, compliance, regulation, investing, marketing, tokenisation, standards, issuance, and real estate.


Name: Blockchain for Finance Conference APAC

Date: ​May 7–8, 2019

Location: Singapore

Description: Asia Pacific’s leading conference for banks and financial institutions implementing blockchain technology. Main themes that will be covered are Business Model, Beyond the Tech, Blockchain Projects and Asset Tokenisation — Spotlight on STOs.


Name: Digital Asset Summit

Date: 15 May, 2019

Location: New York

Description: Digital Asset Summit is a conference for institutional participants in the digital asset space. The most influential family offices, CIOs, fund managers and regulators will gather to discuss developments in market infrastructure and regulatory hurdles in the crypto ecosystem.


>> If you have an event similar to the ones above and worth sharing, feel free to contact us and we’ll share it<<


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