Services & Strategies

Throughout the years, Altarius developed a wide range of services to provide a holistic offer to institutional investors. In addition, the company’s broad network of providers throughout Europe and experience in various investment strategies answers to the needs of demanding clients.


Legal & Operational

Structuring and setting up your fund in compliance with regulations

  • Fund Structuring
  • Domiciliation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology

Asset Management

Strategies and operations to optimise your portfolio

  • Portfolio Analysis & Optimisation
  • Pre-Trade Compliance
  • Order Handling
  • Corporate Advisory

Risk Management

Every risk is assessed and ​apprehended in the most secure way​​

  • Risk Monitoring
  • Risk Reporting
  • Investment Compliance
  • Pricing Support


Making sure your fund is always fully operational

  • Third-Party Oversight
  • Investor Relations
  • Valuation
  • Audit Follow-up

Fund Distribution

Your fund or dedicated structure can be distributed in the EU and other offshore jurisdictions

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Registration
  • Commissions/Retrocessions
  • Reporting/Factsheets

Secretarial Support

We take care of your administrative needs and provide your fund with substance

  • Payments Management
  • Fees Attribution
  • Regulatory Report Coordination
  • Substance & Governance

Marketing Support

  • Website Creation
  • Brand Creation
  • Marketing Material
  • Trademark & Name Protection

Investment Strategies

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Fixed Income
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Fund of Funds
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FX & Derivatives
New Technologies
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PE & Real Estate
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