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Altarius at Delta Summit

Altarius representatives have registered to participate to Delta Summit, the first major event in Malta with a focus on fintech, blockchain and crypto. The purpose of the summit comes with the government's will of showcasing Malta as the "blockchain island".

Discussing solutions for the crypto sphere

Delta Summit is a great opportunity to meet leaders and actors of the blockchain and crypto world. As much as we want to use our established platform in Malta, we are happy to discuss new solutions that we are building in regards to new asset classes.

Pierre Maliczak - CEO of Altarius Group

Pierre will assist the summit along with Winsie Chen, Head of Market Development and Bjorn Grech, Managing Director of Altarius Asset Management. Other than participating to some conferences, the team will be open to exploit business opportunities. Don't hesitate to reach them and schedule a meeting by contacting us here.

Malta to host another major event

On the same line, another major event will occur in Malta on the the 1st and 2nd November: the Malta Blockchain Summit. With 7000 attendees expected to come from around the world, Altarius will be more implicated in this exciting summit. We will give more details soon, stay tuned.


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